Monday, 5 September 2011

We're here!

We have arrived safe and sound in Brearton, Harrogate. Sunny old England is a little dreary today but that has NOT dampened our spirits. We are spending the next ten day in the coolest little cottage ever in a tiny little village about 2 hours from Manchester. It feels like. Have just stepped into a James Harriot novel. The kids are already off to visit the local herd of sheep that pasture at the end of the lane. They are so excited to see Nana and Grandad and the adventure has only just begun.
The flight was great. Noah and Eden both slept the whole time. Matt and I, not so much. But it was comfortable enough and it is now behind us. We are taking it easy today trying to push through until an early bedtime some can get turned around for tomorrow.
I am posting a few pictures of the cottage inside. It really is amazing. The kids have their own bedrooms (Eden's is a little nook adjoining Nana and Grandad's suite). And she LOVES the bathtub with feet!

The cozy living room with fireplace.

Dining room.

Noah on the stairs.

Mum and Dad in the kitchen.

Hangin' in the window.

Noah's room.

Eden's nook.

Enjoying the first pint!

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Location:Harrogate,United Kingdom


  1. Yay!!! Miss you already. The cottage looks awesome and I can tell from the pictures (including yesterday's pictures from the airport) that the kids are already having a great time. The weather is dreary here too. Looking forward to your daily posts.

  2. Just found your blog here - LOVE it! I've been thinking of you flying about this weekend, and hoped all went well... glad to hear it did! I can't wait for more photos and tales so keep them coming!
    Please give big hugs to your Mom and the kids... a nod to Matty (wouldn't want him to get up from that pint), and a 'don't shake the soup' smug grin to your Da (that kitchen photo brought the pea soup story to mind!) As for you, please have them ALL give you a giant family hug from me, and know that you're in my thoughts and heart as you travel the grand UK.
    Pip pip!

    ~Auntie Scary