Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Day of Fun for PK and Eden

As you have probably seen by the previous posts, we have been doing a fair amount of driving, castle admiring, and pub hopping since our arrival on Monday. This has been absolutely wonderful and Matt and I have more than enjoyed every moment. It is also due to the incredible patience and overall easiness of our kids that we have been able to take in some of the most amazing sights and experiences along the way. Noah and Eden have been absolutely AWESOME and have genuinely enjoyed all the same experiences we have in their own little way.

That said, last night Matt and I decided that they deserved a reward and a day that was all about them.
Not far from our cottage is a place called Lightwater Valley. It is Yorkshires answer the Canada's Wonderland and it was exactly what we were looking for. This morning after our regular routine of run, clean-up and feed, we loaded the kids into the car and told them we were off for another adventure. They smiled happily with no idea what the day would bring. We drove along the same stretch of road we have every other morning but then made a turn off in a new direction and soon found the gates to Lightwater Valley. Noah's face lit up the moment he read the sign. He had pick up the brochure a few days ago and had "googled" every ride and attraction at the park, no doubt silently wishing he could visit this wonderful place. For those of you who may not know, Noah is a roller coaster junkie. He loves to ride them, talk about them and even wants to be an engineer when he grows up so he can design them. If you mention a coaster that you have ridden, he will ask you a million questions. "How high is the hill?" "How fast is it?" "How long is the ride?". You catch my drift.
Nana and Grandad dropped us at the gate at 10:30am and agreed to pick us up again at 4:30pm. From here the rest is rather self explanatory. We had the best time! Eden rode her first "real" roller coaster, accompanied by her big brother, of course. She LOVED it and I suspect will become the next Babbitt coaster junkie.

We did all the other typical amusement park things. Rides, junk food, gift shops, animal shows.

The kids had their photos taken with a baby owl named Jasper. We pretended to be pirates in the Skeleton's Cove. A wonderful day with our two wonderful kids.

And, it was the first day since we arrived that the sun shone ALL day long and we walked around in t-shirts. Couldn't have ordered it better!

We have a few more days until we head to London. I will really miss Yorkshire when we go but I am getting so excited about seeing my family in the big city. It's going to be a blast!

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