Sunday, 18 September 2011

Torture chambers and double decker buses.

Got out to see London on a cool but very sunny Sunday morning. Left the flat with Nana, Grandad and kids in tow and walked through Greenwich Park to Greenwich market where I bought the super cute skirt I had been eying up yesterday. Then we headed for the Thames and jumped aboard the Hurricane Clipper and motored down the river to Tower Bridge.

Dad pointed out all the important sights along the way as we sipped our morning coffee and enjoyed the ride. 20 minutes from Greenwich to the Tower of London, can't beat that!

We hopped off the Clipper and got our tickets for the Tower. So bizarre to see such an historic site in the middle of such modern architecture.

Noah was pumped because he knew we would be seeing a dungeon today. Once inside we were greeted by the first Beefeater who was quick to tell Noah he had better behave or be sent straight to the dungeon prison. Noah grinned nervously. The Beefeater then asked Noah if he'd like to be taller. "We've got a device for that, you know. The rack. It's lots of fun...for me.". Again Noah half-smiles, unsure if this fellow is pulling his leg.
We carry on through the grounds and head for the Torture Chamber. We climbed down the stairs to see replicas of "the rack", a chopping block and axe and something called "the scavenger's daughter" which sounded the worst. Not a kind bunch of people back in the day.

Eden got to have her picture taken with a Beefeater outside the White Tower. He asked her name and she said "Eden". He said to her "Lovely name...that's my name as well." She looked at him stunned and then ran back to Nana saying "That Beefeater's name is Eden too!" Hilarious! He looks like an Eden, don't you think?

We walked all through the White Tower and saw lots of armour, weapons and clothing from all through the ages.

Then on to Waterloo Block and a peek at the Crown Jewels. Pretty amazing stuff. There are a lot of fancy gemstones and headpieces in there. Even the kids were a little awestruck by all the sparkle. Eden saw one crown that was lined in fur and though it was nice they did that to keep the Queen's ears warm. Ha!
Our time at the Tower came to an end but not before Noah had to make one last pass through the Torture Chamber for another glimpse and the horrors of the likes of Henry VIII. Man, that guy was just pure evil!
We had a nice lunch at the Dicken's Inn and then walked across Tower Bridge, just about the prettiest bridge I have ever seen.

Got a real taste of London with the old taxi cars and double decker busses. Once on the other side we found a bus stop and hopped on the 381 to Deptford.

Rode through Dad's old neighborhood, saw his primary school, my Grandad's fire station where he was a fire fighter during the war, Dad's Auntie Connie's fish shop, and the park where Dad played as a child.

I loved revisiting all of that with him. Although it is all very different now, he clearly still sees it through a child's eyes even at 71 years old. What a wonderful opportunity for me and for my children to share this with him. I hope the kids will remember at least a little of it.
We returned to Greenwich and picked up an ice cream on the way back to the park. The kids were keen for a play so I took them while Mum, Dad and Matty popped into the Plume of Feathers for a quick pint. The rain held off for us all day, what luck!

Once done at the park we raced up the hill. Noah was the winner with Eden hot on his heels. Tonight they are knackered. A quiet dinner and they were to bed without a fuss. Dreaming of beheadings and ice-lollies, no doubt. I'm right behind them.

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