Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ripley Castle and then some.

We started the day with a lovely, albeit damp run through the lush dales of Yorkshire. Our cottage is in a tiny village called Brearton, which makes Point Clark look like a thriving metropolis. It is quiet with narrow cobblestone streets and the calm eyes of many sheep to keep us company for this early morning exercise.
We returned home to the welcoming smell of rashers and coffee. Ahhhh. After a lovely fry-up (thanks Dad!) we headed out for the first official adventure which of course included a castle.

Ripley Castle, a little different than the Ripley we have learned to love. This is no Bruce County! This castle is home to the Ingilby family. So what, right? Well, it was built in the early 1300's for a man named Sir Thomas Ingilby who was knighted after he save the life of King Edward III. Apparently the poor king was being roughed up by a wild boar (how he got himself into this unlikely predicament escapes me and was not expanded upon during the tour) so in steps young Tommy Ingilby who slays the wicked creature and lands himself a knighthood and a lineage that is now in it's 27th! generation. Nice!

We toured the castle and enjoyed some interesting history as well as some pretty cool side stories. Apparently in the early 1960's they were refurbishing one of the rooms in the castle and found a secret wall used to hide catholic priests from the likes of the spies and soldiers
of Queen Elizabeth the First. One such priest is on the road the beatification as we speak.
Noah was quite excited when the tour guide gave him the chance to try on some authentic royal armor dating back over 400 years. He was thrilled and hasn't stopped talking about it all day.

Once we left Ripley we found a nice little pub for our first lunch. The kids finally had their first English fish and chips and Noah officially asked for the "brown vinegar". Matty had his first (and certainly not his last) pint of Black Sheep and was a happy boy the rest of the day.

Then on to Pately Bridge for a little stroll in the rain. The weather is so strange. The sun shines all the while it rains so it seems rather unintrusive and no one seems bothered by it at all. It is mild and somehow we were never wet when we got back to the car. This is a strange and mysterious place, there is no doubt.

Tonight we returned to the cottage for a quiet meal and some baths for the kids. Somehow we managed to while away the evening and it was ten o'clock before the kidlets were sleeping soundly in their designated nooks.
Now to bed for me too. Another big day of scenery and pubs will come all too soon.
Pip pip, cheerio! xox

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